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Liposuction Surgery in Gauteng – Centurion Cosmetic Clinic

Fat deposits tend to settle in certain areas of the body and can be extremely hard to get rid of with traditional weight loss methods. As we age it becomes harder for our bodies to burn off fat, even with exercise and while following a healthy diet. This might leave you hopeless in your journey towards a better body. If you feel like you have tried everything else, liposuction could be the right surgery to address your issues. Liposuction surgery is able to target specific areas to break up and remove stubborn fat deposits. The procedure can target various parts of the body and visibly reduce fat accumulations in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, face and neck.

What to expect from the procedure:

Liposuction surgery can be completed within two hours, but the time it takes is largely dependent on which part of the body is being targeted. A larger area will understandably take more time to complete.

At the beginning of the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision in the area that is being targeted during the surgery. A narrow tube is then inserted just under the skin and suction is applied through the tip of the tube. Fat deposits are then broken apart using the tip of the narrow tube, also called a cannula. In some cases, a liquid solution is also used to help break up fat clusters.  

At Centurion Cosmetic Clinic we use a method called Vibro-liposuction, which is often able to deliver more favourable results when compared to traditional liposuction. Vibro-liposuction is different in that it adds a subtle vibration to the cannula during the procedure. This vibration enables a surgeon to break apart fat particles more easily and has been shown to reduce the amount of damage to the patient’s muscle tissue during surgery.

The Recovery Period

The surgery is completed within a few hours and patients will return home on the same day. Patients will experience discomfort and swelling for up to a week after their surgery and pain medication will be prescribed to help mitigate any excessive pain. Depending on the placement and size of the targeted area, most of the swelling should subside after this time and you should be able to gradually return to your normal activities. However, strenuous physical activities and exercise should be avoided for at least a month after surgery. Getting enough rest is truly one of the most important ingredients to a speedy recovery. 

Feel free to book a consultation at Centurion Cosmetic Clinic if you are considering cosmetic surgery in Gauteng! Take advantage of our liposuction promotion this month and get rid of those stubborn fat deposits. Our dedicated team will answer any questions you may have to put your mind at rest before going in for any procedure.

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