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Breast Enlargement Surgery Explained: Discover The New You!

Breast size and shape can have a notable impact on a woman’s self-confidence and body image. For those who desire fuller or more proportionate breasts, breast enlargement is a topic that is likely to pique your interest! If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. 

What is Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery, also known as breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure that aims to increase the size- and enhance the shape of the breasts. This is a popular procedure for women who desire fuller or more proportionate breasts, and the surgery can also restore lost breast volume due to factors such as pregnancy, weight loss or ageing.

Breast Augmentation Techniques

Breast Implants

The most common method of breast enlargement surgery involves the placement of breast implants. These implants are typically made of silicone shells filled with either saline solution or silicone gel. Your surgeon will start by making small incisions in inconspicuous locations, such as under the breast crease. The implants are then carefully inserted either behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle. 

The size, shape, and placement of the implants are determined during consultations with your surgeon. They will consider your goals and unique body characteristics, and make a recommendation as to which option they think is best suited for you.

Fat Transfer 

Another approach to breast enlargement surgery is fat transfer, also known as autologous fat grafting. In this procedure, liposuction removes fat from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs. The harvested fat is then processed and injected into the breasts to achieve the desired volume and shape. Fat transfer is suitable for patients who prefer a more natural option or for those looking for a modest increase in breast size.

Considerations Before Surgery

Before you go in for any surgery, you need to consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. The consultation gives you a chance to discuss your goals, address your concerns and make sure you understand what to expect from the procedure. The surgeon will assess your medical history, explain the available options, and answer any questions you may have.

Potential Risks

As with any surgical procedure, breast enlargement carries certain risks. These may include infection, bleeding, scarring, implant rupture, changes in nipple or breast sensation and the need for additional surgeries. It is important to discuss potential risks and complications with your surgeon to ensure that you are properly informed about all aspects of the procedure. This is another reason why seeking out a reputable institution is so important, as this can go a long way towards minimising the risks involved. 

Breast enlargement surgery can be a life-changing procedure for patients who struggle with low self-confidence because of their breasts. Contact Centurion Cosmetic Clinic if you are interested in finding out more about breast augmentation, or book your consultation online today! 

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