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What Can Patients Expect From a Breast Lift Procedure

Having breasts that are contoured to fit your body can help to improve your self-esteem and make you feel more comfortable with your own body. In many cases, the size of the breast is not the problem, it is rather the shape and the positioning of the breasts that cause grief among women. A breast lift procedure is able to address several of these issues that patients may be facing. This procedure is able to not only alter the form of the breast but also modify the size and positioning of the nipple. 

What is a Breast Lift Procedure? 

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of the breast without significantly changing the size of the breast. During the procedure, the breast tissue is reshaped and excess skin is removed to effectively lift the breast. Generally, the breasts are contoured to give them a more youthful appearance and to counteract sagging breasts. An incision is made around the areola and around the base of the breast in order to reach the breast tissue. Surgeons are also able to reduce the size of the areola during this procedure.

Why Choose a Breast Lift?

Many women will experience sagging breasts as they age and some might even face this issue when they are still relatively young. As the breasts begin to lose their elasticity their firmness is inevitably reduced. This can often occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as the breasts experience a lot of changes during this time. Once this elasticity is lost, a breast lift might be the only way to regain the firmness of the breast.  A breast lift is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery to emphasise the results of these procedures. Patients might also choose to have a breast lift when the nipples point downward or the breasts are asymmetrical. 

Before you go in for a breast lift surgery you will have to consult with a surgeon to determine whether or not you are an eligible candidate. The ideal patient will be one that maintains a healthy lifestyle and one that does not smoke. Your doctor might advise you to have a mammogram performed before you can be approved for the procedure. Patients that taking chronic medication might not be eligible for surgery, and it is important to disclose all the relevant information to your doctor to avoid complications.     

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