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Summer Liposuction Promotion in Gauteng

If you have been trying your best to get rid of stubborn fat deposits with little success, Centurion Cosmetic Clinic’s summer liposuction promotion could be the answer you’re looking for! When traditional exercise and diet are ineffective at getting rid of certain clumps of fat, liposuction surgery could help to eliminate localised fat deposits in different parts of the body. This procedure allows a surgeon to target areas such as the abdomen, legs, arms and neck, according to the patient’s wishes.

Are You an Ideal Candidate?

A liposuction procedure can be completed within two hours, depending on which part of the body the surgery is taking place. A small incision is made close to the targeted area and a thin tube, called a cannula is positioned under the skin. This cannula is then used to break up and remove clusters of fat from the patient’s body. An ideal candidate for our summer liposuction promotion is someone who firstly understands the surgery itself and is aware of the outcomes. Once someone is comfortable with the procedure itself it is very important to ensure that the prospective patient is in good physical and mental health. Ideally, patients should refrain from smoking and taking certain medications before their surgery for as long as possible as this could significantly reduce the risks during surgery. It is also advised to refrain from smoking and after the surgery as this could interfere with the recovery process.

Individuals are advised to consider other weight loss solutions before choosing liposuction surgery, as this is not an easy fix to being overweight. Although the surgery is completed within a few hours the recovery period can be quite extensive. It will only be between 4 and 6 days before you are able to return to work after surgery, but it could be as long as 6 weeks before you are able to resume physical activities, such as exercise. You will experience some discomfort and swelling for up to 2 weeks after the procedure and your surgeon will prescribe medication to mitigate the pain.

With all this in mind, it is clear that there is a lot to consider before going in for surgery. Feel free to book a consultation with one of our qualified surgeons if you are interested in taking advantage of Centurion Cosmetic Clinic’s summer liposuction promotion. Our qualified team will be able to provide you with more information regarding the procedures we offer to help you find the procedure that best meets your needs!

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