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Cosmetic Ear Surgery for Adults and Children

Cosmetic ear surgery can reshape and reset prominent and protruding ears closer to the side profile of the head. This procedure is commonly performed on children and is also a solution for adults with protruding ears. The shape of our ears is completely developed at a young age, which can cause a lifetime of ridiculing and teasing from peers for children with large and/or protruding ears. This is where otoplasty can be the answer.

The Procedure

Cosmetic ear surgery is a simplistic procedure for both patient and surgeon. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision behind the ear to access the cartilage directly. From here, the surgeon folds and sculpts the ear cartilages to align them closer to the side of the head and normalise the shape of the ears. The incisions are stitched up to hold the ears in their new shape once the cartilages have been sculpted. The patient’s head will immediately be wrapped with a bandage to hold the ears in place following the surgery.

The Recovery Period

During the recovery period, your ears will throb or ache. Not to worry, your surgeon will prescribe specific painkillers to manage pain and discomfort during recovery. It is crucial to only use the prescribed painkillers to avoid any blood coagulation alterations. If you are a smoker, prepare to quit smoking for at least 2 months before and after the surgery to optimise oxygen flow throughout your body. This will assist with the healing process on a cellular level.

The Ideal Candidate

As someone with protruding ears, no matter your age, you can be self-aware and embarrassed by the awkward shape and/or size of your ears. Cosmetic ear surgery is ideal for someone who wants to reshape their ears for a normalised look.

If you are considering cosmetic ear surgery for yourself or your child, feel free to book your consultation with us. It is important to keep your child in the conversation when considering this type of surgery, as they can voice their opinion on how they feel about the surgery to ensure that they want to go through with it as well.

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