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Tackling Early Aging Signs – Am I An Ideal Candidate?

Tackling Early Aging Signs with a surgical facelift

Early signs of aging will normally appear in the facial areas as we get older. These areas around the eyes, mouth, and nose can form wrinkles and creases. Baggy eyelids are also considered a common sign of aging. We offer a surgical facelift that can correct early aging signs and result in a rejuvenated and more youthful facial expression.

The Procedure

During a surgical facelift, the surgeon removes excessive tissue from areas on the face that are affected by wrinkles and creases. The surgeon will also tighten the underlying muscles to smooth out wrinkles and tighten up loose skin. If you have developed baggy lower eyelids, the surgeon can reduce the bagginess as well.

The Roles of Collagen and Elastin

Collagen is the skin’s primary structural protein. Elastin determines the elasticity of the skin. As we get older, the skin experiences a decrease of collagen and elastin cell production. This leads to early aging signs that include loose skin, wrinkles, creases, and baggy eyelids. Other elements that promote aging signs include consistent exposure to the sun and the effect of gravity on the skin. Nobody can stop the process of aging. However, a surgical facelift can correct these signs for a rejuvenated facial expression, turning back the clock for a while.

Am I An Ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate for surgical facelifts has a well-defined facial bone structure and relatively healthy skin. Normally, candidates are between 40 and 60 years of age, but surgical facelifts have been performed on people older than 60. If you are considering a surgical facelift, you can book a consultation with one of our professional surgeons. They can give you a complete assessment on the current health of your skin to determine if this surgery will be beneficial for you.

A surgical facelift is a full-blown surgical procedure, which means that you should prepare for it accordingly and ensure that you book time off to recover from the surgery afterwards. If you are a smoker, prepare to quit smoking for at least 2 months before and after your surgery to optimise oxygen flow in your body and help the healing process on cellular level.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic offers a variety of cosmetic surgical solutions for men and women in Gauteng. If you want to look younger again, a surgical facelift can be your solution. Please browse  our website for details on our available procedures and book your consultation with us today.