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Your Answer to Cosmetic Surgery in Gauteng

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your answer when it comes to cosmetic surgery in Gauteng. We offer a wide selection for women, men, and can also assist children with prominent ears. Cosmetic breast surgery is a solution for women who want augmentation, reduction, or breast reconstruction. Liposuction can assist women and men to sculpt their bodies and remove stubborn fat deposits that can develop during natural weight loss. We can also assist with cosmetic eyelid surgery and surgical facelifts to address the early signs of aging.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Solutions

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic offers augmentation and reduction mammoplasty, as well as mastopexy, for women. Breast enlargement surgery enhances the contours of a woman’s body in proportion to her body. Breast reduction surgery helps women with oversized and pendulous breasts by reducing the weight strain on their upper bodies. Breast lifts can be ideal for women who went through several pregnancies and have suffered volume loss. Our combo breast procedure combines a breast enlargement and a breast lift to correct the shape, size, and volume in a single procedure, without requiring 2 procedures to get to the desired results.

Liposuction Solutions

Liposuction can sculpt the body by removing non-responsive fat deposits on specific areas of the body. This procedure is feasible for both women and men. Vibro-liposuction is an advanced technique that utilises compressed air to add vibrations to the cannula and deliver better overall results. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body will regularly burn fat to keep your body in shape. This process can also reveal any non-responsive fat deposits, which is where liposuction can be your solution to a sculpted body.

Other Cosmetic Surgical Solutions

Apart from cosmetic breast surgery and liposuction, we can also perform cosmetic ear surgery for adults and children to reshape protruding ears and pull them closer to the side of the head for a more natural appearance. A surgical facelift can combat early signs of aging by smoothing out loose skin, wrinkles, and creases in facial areas. A tummy tuck can tighten the middle and lower abdominal areas by removing excess fat and skin from these areas and tightening the abdominal muscle wall. We also offer male chest reduction surgery to deal with the effects of gynaecomastia.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your answer for cosmetic surgery in Gauteng. For more info, please browse our website for details on our procedures. Take control of your body with us on your side.