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How Can a Breast Reduction Help Me? – Reduction Mammoplasty

A breast reduction procedure, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, is a feasible solution for women with exceptionally large and pendulous breasts. These women can experience a selection of medical complications that can develop as a result of the increased strain on the upper part of their bodies. These complications can include back and neck pain, skin irritation, skeletal deformities, and breathing problems. Reduction mammoplasty is designed to reduce the size of the breasts to relieve the upper body of the increased weight and avoid any problematic developments that could come down the line. It is also an option for teenage girls who are going through physical development and growth and have developed pendulous and oversized breasts.

Relieving the Physical Strain

Women with pendulous and oversized breasts consistently deal with a disproportionate weight strain on their upper bodies. Bra indentations are a common occurrence, causing discomfort and pain on a day-to-day basis. The impact of the increased weight of the breasts can also cause a variety of problems for the upper body, especially throughout the developmental teenage years. As a result, a breast reduction surgery can relieve this strain on the upper body to allow the skeleton, shoulders, and neck to develop normally and without any complications.

A Professional Consultation

With any type of surgery, a consultation with a professional surgeon will be where such a process begins. When booking a consultation with us, your surgeon will walk you through a detailed assessment of how this type of surgery can work for you. The surgery involves removing fat, glandular tissue, and excess skin from the breasts to result in smaller, lighter, and firmer breasts that are in proportion to the rest of your body. The nipples will also be relocated once the breasts have been reduced, which can lead to smaller areolas. Unfortunately, it also means that breastfeeding will no longer be possible.

The Recovery

After surgery, you will wear a surgical bra over your clothes for the coming 6 weeks to 3 months. This will allow your breasts to settle in their new shape and allow the swelling to subside. Naturally, you can expect some pain and discomfort for a couple of days following the surgery. This can be managed with prescribed medication. Your body needs time to recover and adjust to the reduced strain on the upper part. Therefore, you should take it easy during recovery to optimise the results.

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