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What Can I Expect from a Breast Enlargement Surgery?

There are many stereotypical stigmas related to a breast enlargement procedure. This procedure is commonly considered by women who want to enhance their body contours. Augmentation mammoplasty can also serve as a surgical means for breast reconstruction or to correct a size imbalance of the breasts. This procedure can also be combined with a breast lift surgery to reshape breasts that suffered volume loss or sagging. Let’s talk about what you can expect from a breast enlargement surgery and the benefits that it can hold for you.

Increased Cup Size and Enhanced Body Contours

A breast enlargement surgery’s main focus is to increase the size and bust of the breasts by at least one cup size. This will also improve the body contours. As a result, if you are considering a breast enlargement procedure for cosmetic purposes alone, your surgeon can give you a good idea of what to expect afterwards. It is pivotal to the health of your body and wellbeing that the upper part of your body stays in proportion to minimise any medical implications that can be caused by oversized breasts. Therefore, keep your expectations realistic throughout this process.

The Procedure

Breast enlargement is done under general anaesthesia to ensure that the patient sleeps through it all. The procedure adds silicone implants either directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle to add volume, size, and bust to the breasts. Afterwards, you can expect some soreness for the following couple of days. Your surgeon will prescribe specific painkillers that you can take to manage any discomfort. However, it is crucial that you only take the prescribed medication to avoid any painkillers that can influence blood coagulation and cause any unnecessary

Preparing for Surgery

A breast enlargement surgery requires some preparation from the patient to prepare their body for the procedure and a speedy recovery afterwards. If you are a smoker, refrain from smoking for a specified period before and after the surgery. This will optimise oxygen flow in your body, allowing your cells to heal optimally during recovery. Also, you will need some assistance to get home after your surgery, as well as someone who can take care of you during recovery.

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