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Sculpting Your Body with Vibro Liposuction Surgery

There are several non-surgical treatments that can reduce the size of fat cells underneath the skin. However, vibro-liposuction surgery offers a more direct approach by surgically removing fat deposits as opposed to reducing their size. Seeing that this surgical procedure has grown in popularity since its introduction, several advanced methods have been developed over the years to assist surgeons during such a procedure. We offer vibro-liposuction as an advanced liposuction technique that can be used to target more sensitive areas on the body.

How Does Vibro-Liposuction Surgery Work?

The method of basic liposuction sees the surgeon making a small incision around the targeted area on the body to insert a cannula that can break down and vacuum out fat deposits. Vibro-liposuction adds compressed air to the cannula, allowing it to vibrate. Although it seems like a trivial addition, the vibrations allow the surgeon to break down the fat deposits more efficiently while stimulating collagen production in the skin tissue. Therefore, you can expect healthier skin and a smoother skin surface as a result of more structural protein production on the treated area.

Benefits of Vibro-Liposuction Surgery

By adding vibration to the cannula, the surgeon can target more delicate and sensitive areas on the body without the risk of causing damage. It also increases the accuracy and precision at which the surgeon can break down and remove fat deposits. For the patient, there will be reduced swelling in comparison to regular liposuction. You can also expect less pain and faster recovery times after your surgery. Since the surgery will take less time to complete, your anaesthetic shot will keep you under for a shorter amount of time. In the end, vibro-liposuction surgery is an advanced technique that is more beneficial to both the surgeon and patient in relation to regular liposuction.

Why Should I Consider One over the Other?

Dependent on the areas of your body that house stubborn fat deposits, your surgeon can recommend either regular liposuction or vibro-liposuction. Therefore, your best option is to book a consultation with us when you are interested in liposuction. During your consultation, your surgeon can do a comprehensive assessment of your body and give you their professional opinion regarding liposuction. We can also point you to a financial consultant when you need financial aid to pay for your surgery. Therefore, we have you covered when you choose us.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice regarding vibro-liposuction for women and men living in Gauteng. We also offer other cosmetic surgical solutions such as tummy tucks and cosmetic ear surgery. For more info on how we can assist you, browse our website for details. Contact us today to book your consultation.