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Ear Surgery- A Surgical Solution for Protruding Ears

Cosmetic ear surgery is ideal for people who have protruding ears. Otoplasty is a procedure that sculpts and folds the cartilage of the ear to position it closer to the side profile of the head. It serves as a solution for kids and adults alike, ensuring that children can avoid a life of ridiculing from their peers. The shape of our ears develops at a young age, allowing otoplasty to be performed effectively on children.

Considering Otoplasty for your Child

If you are considering cosmetic ear surgery for your child, it is important to be aware of your child’s feelings toward otoplasty. With a consultation, our surgeons can give your child a thorough assessment and establish a good understanding of the procedure with you and your child. The procedure is done under general anaesthesia. Therefore, your child will sleep through the procedure while the surgeon reshapes their ear cartilages. If your child feels uncomfortable with the shape of their ears and wants a change, otoplasty is your answer. They will also be more cooperative throughout the preparations and recovery period if they choose to go through with the surgery.

The Procedure

The surgeon will make an incision on the back of the protruding ears to gain access to the cartilage. From here, the surgeon can fold and sculpt the cartilage to pull the ears closer to the head. Once the new shape is in place, the incision is stitched shut to keep the shape in place during recovery. After the surgery, the surgeon will wrap the patient’s head in a bandage to promote optimal moulding and healing. The ears can throb and cause discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed painkillers supplied by your surgeon.

As an adult who considers otoplasty, you can be assured that the procedure will be as effective for you as it is for children. If you are a smoker, prepare to quit smoking for a few months before and after the surgery. This will optimise the oxygen flow on a cellular level, allowing your body to heal faster and more efficiently. It starts with a consultation to ensure that you can make an informed decision when considering cosmetic ear surgery. We can also point you to a financial consultant when you need financial aid to pay for your surgery.

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