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Chest Reduction: Liposuction for Men Explained

Liposuction is a popular and commonly practiced surgical technique that targets and removes fat deposits underneath the skin for a more contoured and sculpted body. This technique can be accompanied by a variety of medical devices to assist the surgeon to target specific areas on the body. It can be performed to perform a chest reduction, serving as a feasible solution for men suffering from gynaecomastia. About 60% of men are likely to suffer from gynaecomastia as a result of a hormonal imbalance that leads to chest protrusion. Luckily, Centurion Cosmetic Clinic can help.

Targeting Fat Cells Underneath the Chest

Our male chest reduction surgery takes advantage of liposuction to specifically target the fat cells directly underneath the protruded chest area. By breaking down and removing excess fat from underneath the skin, the effect of gynaecomastia can be reduced for a more sculpted upper body. Men suffering from gynaecomastia have limited wardrobe choices and can become embarrassed about the appearance of their bodies. Therefore, our male breast reduction surgery can reinstate your self-confidence and open your wardrobe options once again.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Usually, a candidate for liposuction is in a relatively healthy physical condition, having a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will allow your body to burn fat naturally. This process will reveal any stubborn fat deposits in your body and can also assist in reducing the effect of gynaecomastia. However, should the fat cells underneath the chest not respond to your healthy lifestyle, liposuction can be your answer.

The Procedure

When considering a male breast reduction surgery, the first step is to book a consultation. Your surgeon can evaluate your condition and advise you on the best options moving forward. Liposuction is done with a cannula that is inserted through a small incision around the targeted area, which is the chest in this scenario. The surgeon can break down and vacuum out the fat deposits underneath the chest, reducing the protrusion. Most of our male patients are in good physical shape and can get back to work after a fairly short recovery period. The procedure is done under general anaesthesia, ensuring that the patient sleeps through everything while the surgeon goes to work on those fat deposits.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice when you are suffering from gynaecomastia or wish to be rid of any fat deposits to sculpt your body. For more info on male breast reduction and liposuction, please browse our website on these topics. Take control of your body today with us on your side.