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Male Chest Reduction Surgery – Am I an Ideal Candidate?

When it comes to popular male cosmetic surgeries, liposuction is at the top of the list. Men dealing with stubborn fat deposits see liposuction as a feasible means to sculpt their bodies and be rid of non-responsive fat cells on specific areas of the body. Liposuction can also serve as a way to deal with gynaecomastia – a condition that is commonly referred to as man boobs. Our male chest reduction surgery utilises liposuction to remove the fat deposits that are caused by gynaecomastia for a flatter and more sculpted chest.

What Causes Gynaecomastia?

The short answer to that question is an imbalance in hormones. This imbalance can be caused by a variety of elements and is completely reversible. According to statistics, more than a third of all men will experience gynaecomastia in their lifetime. Although it might seem like a common condition, it can be very embarrassing for most men. It also limits wardrobe choices, which is why male chest reduction surgery can serve as a solution for someone with the condition. You can expect a fast recovery with the latest technologies being added to the liposuction technique, making it more efficient and effective for men as well.

Most men who opt in for liposuction are in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle. When adapting a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet, your body will break down fat cells in a natural fashion. However, this can lead to identifying stubborn fat deposits that result from non-responsive cells. With a sculpted body, gynaecomastia becomes prominent and can lead to being self-conscious about your body. Our male chest reduction procedure is ideally designed for such an individual.

Consulting Your Surgeon

If you are considering a male breast reduction surgery to deal with gynaecomastia, the process starts with booking a consultation with one of our surgeons. By consulting a professional, you can expect an in-depth look at the procedure and how it can benefit you specifically. Your surgeon can also give you necessary guidelines on how to prepare for your surgery and what to expect afterwards. We can also direct you to a financial consultant if you require financial assistance to pay for your surgery.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your answer regarding liposuction for men and women. Our male breast reduction surgery is your solution when you want to be rid of a protruded chest as a result of gynaecomastia. Contact us today to book your consultation.