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Liposuction Surgery – When Should I Consider Surgical Intervention

Liposuction surgery is a technique that removes fat cells from underneath the skin and can be useful for both women and men who want to sculpt their bodies and be rid of stubborn fat deposits. This surgical technique can also be used to treat gynaecomastia – a common condition for men that leads to a protruded chest. Liposuction is not a primary means of losing weight. However, it is a feasible surgical solution to target stubborn fat deposits that could form while in the process of losing weight and sculpting your body.

You should consider liposuction surgery when you live a healthy lifestyle and have a balanced and healthy diet, looking for a way to reduce stubborn fat deposits on areas that include the thighs, knees, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, chin, and cheeks. During the process of weight loss, you will naturally reduce the size of fat cells underneath your skin by regular exercise and a balanced intake. However, this process can also reveal non-responsive fat cells, which are commonly referred to as stubborn fat deposits. This is where liposuction can become a feasible option for you.

How Does Liposuction Surgery Work?

This technique was a breakthrough for the world of cosmetic surgery, as it serves as a feasible method to remove fat cells from the body as opposed to reducing their size naturally. It became vastly popular around the world and has since been developed and progressed into advanced methods of targeting fat cells beneath the skin. The technique involves inserting a cannula into a small incision at the targeted area of the body, allowing the cannula to break down and vacuum stubborn fat deposits for a slimmer and firmer look. Some advanced techniques add movement and vibration to the cannula for more optimal results.

How Can Liposuction Help Me?

Cellulite is a common skin condition among women, caused by fat deposits that have penetrated the skin tissue layer to cause uneven creases and bumps on the surface of the skin. Liposuction can serve as a surgical means to treat cellulite and smooth out the surface of the skin by removing excess fat deposits from the affected area. Therefore, if you are in the process of losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle, liposuction can be your solution when you are dealing with stubborn fat deposits and cellulite along the way.

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