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Male Liposuction

A male liposuction surgery removes fatty deposits from specific parts of the body. This surgical technique has been improved to a point where it can safely be used on both women and men to sculpt their bodies and be rid of stubborn fat deposits. It can be used to target problematic areas around the chest, neck, abdomen, and flanks for a sculpted body that is free of any non-responsive fat deposits.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle means that you adjust your dietary intake to balanced meals that are suited to your blood type, along with a regular exercise routine to burn calories and excess fat. In some cases, weight-loss is the primary objective for someone who adopts such a lifestyle change. Liposuction should not be viewed as a primary means to instantly lose weight. However, during the weight-loss process, your body can reveal stubborn fat deposits that are non-responsive to your newly adopted lifestyle. Since these deposits can only be surgically removed, liposuction delivers a feasible solution to remove them for good.

Am I an ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate for a male liposuction surgery lives a healthy life and is looking for a way to sculpt their body and get rid of any stubborn fat deposits. Therefore, if you are in the vicinity of your ideal body weight, male liposuction can be a solution for you. We also recommend that candidates have healthy skin and good skin tone to allow the skin to adjust to the newly sculpted areas and avoid any sagging. Think of liposuction as the proverbial cherry on top to get you to the ideally sculpted body at the end of the road.

How Does the Procedure Work?

A male liposuction surgery is done under general anaesthesia, meaning that the patient will be asleep during the operation. We perform male liposuction in the Centurion Day Hospital, delivering a professional medical environment for our clients. The surgery can go between 45 minutes and a few hours, dependent on how many areas are treated. We utilise the innovative vibro-liposuction technique to deliver the most efficient way of extracting fat deposits from the body. This technique adds movement to the cannula, allowing the fat to emulsify before it is extracted from the body. The vibrations also stimulate collagen production in the treated areas, promoting healthy skin structure for better results.