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A Combo Breast Surgery Addresses Numerous Common Issues

What is a Combo Breast Surgery?

Augmentation mammoplasty is the medical term for a breast enlargement surgery, which enhances body contours by adding extra volume and size to a woman’s breasts. Mastopexy refers to a breast lift surgery, which is ideal for sagging breasts as a result of volume loss because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or the forces of gravity over time. Our combo breast procedure combines both these surgeries into a single procedure to deliver a comprehensive surgical approach for women who want to address the size, shape, and volume of their breasts.

How Can a Combo Breast Surgery Benefit Me?

When considering any type of surgical procedure, the first step is to consult a medical professional on the matter. When consulting one of our professional surgeons regarding breast surgery, they can give you an insight on what to expect from the results and how the surgery will be performed. In most cases, either a mastopexy or an augmentation mammoplasty will suffice. However, by combining both procedures, we deliver a solution for women who can benefit from both. Therefore, everything is combined for optimal results, eliminating the need for 2 separate procedures.

How Do I Prepare?

During your consultation, your surgeon will give you the necessary guidelines on how to prepare yourself and your body for a combo breast surgery. As with any other surgical procedure, there will always be a risk factor involved. The procedure takes place under general anaesthesia, which can also be a discussion point during your consultation. Smokers must refrain from smoking for a period before and after surgery as well. If you choose to go through with this procedure, we can refer you to a financing consultant when you need financial aid to pay for the surgery.

What Can I Expect from the Results?

The purpose of a combo breast surgery is to address every cosmetic aspect of a woman’s breasts. This type of surgery can be an ideal solution for women who want their breasts to be perkier, more youthful, and complementary to their figure. It can also be a solution for reconstructive purposes. If you are considering a combo breast procedure, we recommend that you keep your expectations realistic when consulting with your surgeon and discussing possible results.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice regarding cosmetic breast surgery for women living in Gauteng. We also offer a selection of cosmetic surgical solutions for men. For more info on how we can assist, please browse our website for details on our available surgical procedures. Contact us today for a consultation and take control of your body.