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A Combo Breast Procedure Could Improve Your Self Esteem

When it comes to the world of cosmetic surgical procedures, there are many solutions for women regarding their breasts. We offer augmentation and reduction mammoplasty, along with mastopexy to ensure that we can address various problematic aspects for our clients. Augmentation mammoplasty offers a solution to enlarge the breasts for enhanced body contours, while reduction mammoplasty can be a medical solution for women with uncomfortably large breasts. Mastopexy offers a surgery that lifts and reshapes the breasts to address sagginess. We also offer a combo breast procedure that combines mastopexy and augmentation mammoplasty.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

A breast enlargement surgery entails the insertion of silicone implants to add size and shape to the breasts. As opposed to the common misconception that such a surgery is only valid for women with small breasts, it can also assist in reconstructing the breasts after a medical procedure that caused damage to the breasts. This is why this type of surgery forms part of our combination breast procedure, addressing the size and bust of the breasts.


A breast lift surgery is designed to address sagging breasts by removing any excess skin tissue and fat from the breasts and reshaping them into a perkier and more youthful shape to enhance your body contours. This process involves relocating the nipples as well, which will reduce the size of large areolas. However, it means that you will not be able to breastfeed. Therefore, we recommend this type of surgery to women who already had children.

Combo Breast Surgery Can Be a Solution

There are various factors that can have a negative effect on our bodies. Ageing is one of the most notable factors, causing our skin to gradually lose its elasticity and firmness as we get older. Gravity also plays a role in how our bodies develop, which can also cause breasts to sag over time. Pregnancy and nursing can reduce the volume of the breasts, causing them to sag and lose their perky shape. By combining a mastopexy with an augmentation mammoplasty, every element of the breasts is addressed. The mastopexy can restore a firmer and perkier shape, while the augmentation mammoplasty can add the loss in volume to result in the desired results from a single procedure.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your solution if you are considering any type of cosmetic breast surgery. If you are interested in our combo breast procedure, please peruse our website to learn more about augmentation mammoplasty and mastopexy. Contact us today to book a consultation and take control of your body with us on your side.