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Combo Breast Package – Mastopexy and Augmentation Mammoplasty

Women who consider cosmetic breast surgery might benefit from a combination of a breast lift and a breast augmentation surgery. Such a combo breast package can address the shape, firmness, volume, and size of the breasts, all in 1 surgery. Therefore, you can expect more desirable results from your breast surgery as opposed to going for another surgery to get there. Perfection is something to strive for through improvement. Therefore, keeping your expectations realistic is crucial for this type of surgery.

Why Should I Consider a Combo Breast Procedure?

There are many elements that have an impact on the firmness, shape, and volume of your breasts. As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity. Gravity also plays a factor in sagging the breasts. Pregnancy and nursing can result in volume loss. Medical breast surgeries can also require reconstructive breast surgery afterwards. Therefore, this type of surgery can address any and all issues to enhance the contours of your body and give you the desired shape and size.

What Does the Combo Breast Package?

Mastopexy, or a breast lift, reshapes saggy breasts by removing excess fat and skin and relocating the nipples. The results are perkier and firmer breasts, featuring a more youthful shape and volume. Augmentation mammoplasty, or a breast enlargement, can be combined with mastopexy to add volume, size, and bust to the breasts after the shape has been addressed. Therefore, your breasts are reshaped and resized to fit your body and enhance your appearance. This type of surgery is ideal for women who want a comprehensive solution to breast surgery.

What Happens After My Surgery?

You will be wearing a surgical bra after your surgery to keep your breasts still and in position while they recover and adjust to their new shape. You can expect some pain and discomfort a couple of days afterwards. However, it should be manageable throughout your recovery process. We recommend that smokers stop smoking 2 months in advance of the surgery. We also recommend that you do not smoke for a couple of weeks afterwards, optimising cellular recovery and keeping your lungs filled with oxygen to provide the necessary nutrients for your body.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice in cosmetic surgical procedures in Gauteng. If you are considering a breast lift or breast augmentation, our combo breast package can be a feasible solution to address every aspect of breast surgery. For more info, please browse our

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