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Our Combo Breast Procedure – A Comprehensive Approach to Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries offer a variety of options regarding breast surgery for women. These options include breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction procedures to address their shape, size, firmness, and sagginess. In some cases, women can benefit from a combination of breast lift and augmentation surgeries. Our combo breast procedure can result in firmer and perkier breasts, enhancing your body contour and giving you the confidence in your body image to take on the world.

Several aspects of everyday life can influence the shape and firmness of a woman’s breasts. Gravity and age are both responsible for sagging the breasts as we grow older. The skin loses its elasticity through aging, while gravity does the rest. Pregnancy and nursing are also responsible for volume loss, which can influence the firmness and shape of the breasts. A combo breast procedure can give you a comprehensive approach to cosmetic breast surgery that will address such issues.

Combining Mastopexy and Augmentation Mammoplasty

Mastopexy is the medical term for a breast lift surgery. This surgery is ideal for sagging breasts, as it will remove excess skin and fat tissue to form a perkier and firmer shape. The nipple will also be relocated during this process, which will mean that breastfeeding afterwards will not be possible. Once this process is complete, the other part of the procedure (breast implants) will address the loss in volume of the breast. The implants will enhance the shape of the breasts to optimally suit your body.

Augmentation mammoplasty medically refers to a breast augmentation surgery. This type of surgery inserts implants behind the breast muscle to increase the volume and bust size for an enhanced body contour. By combining augmentation mammoplasty and Mastopexy into a single procedure, women can get desired results without having to go through multiple procedures. The operation takes place under general anaesthesia, which requires some dietary adjustments before-hand.

An ideal candidate for such a procedure is in a physically healthy state to ensure that the surgery has minimal risks and the recovery process is optimal. Having realistic expectations is also a good thing when considering such a surgery. Therefore, we advise a consultation with your surgeon before-hand. This will give you a clear picture on what to expect and how to prepare accordingly.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your solution to a variety of elective cosmetic surgical procedures for women and men. If you are interested in a combo breast procedure, please browse our website for details. Take control of your body and how you present yourself to the world with us on your side.