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Our Mommy Makeover Package- How Can It Benefit Me?

After going through the process of getting pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful child, a woman’s body will carry the repercussions of such a process. The breasts tend to lose volume due to nursing. In addition, gravity and age also have an impact on the breasts, leaving them to sag because of the skin aging and gravity setting in. The abdominal area can also be left with stretchmarks and unwanted fat deposits. Many women are very self-conscious about their appearance. Therefore, if you are a mommy and your body is not in the shape that you want it to be,  our mommy makeover package can be ideal for you.

This combination of elective surgical procedures will leave you looking younger, feeling more confident in your appearance, and enjoy a rejuvenated body. We highly recommend that women who consider this combination procedure do not plan any future pregnancies, as it will undo the work done by this procedure. A mommy makeover combines 4 surgical procedures into 1, addressing every aspect of the body that can be affected by pregnancy and nursing. These procedures include liposuction, a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and a breast augmentation.

How Can Our Mommy Makeover Package Benefit You?

This combination procedure is specifically designed to address the negative effects of pregnancy and nursing on a woman’s body, starting with fat deposits that are created during pregnancy. Fat cells in the body will grow in size during pregnancy. However, they can stay swollen afterwards, which would require a liposuction if they become non-responsive to dietary adjustments and regular exercise. Liposuction removes the fat cells completely, leaving your body with a slimmer, more sculpted contour and shape. The tummy tuck serves a complementary purpose by tightening the abdominal muscles and getting rid of excess skin and muscle tissue in the area.

The breasts are the next focus of this combination procedure. A breast lift is designed to reshape the breasts to a youthful, perkier shape and firmness. By combining a breast lift with an implant augmentation surgery, the breasts will have added volume and firmness as well. In conclusion, a mommy makeover combines these surgeries into a single package for women who want their youth back after going through pregnancy and nursing. If you are considering this combination procedure, we advise that you consult a medical professional before-hand.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your solution to a wide range of surgical cosmetic procedures for women and men. Our mommy makeover combines the perfect selection of procedures to rejuvenate and refresh the body after pregnancy and nursing. Please peruse our website for more details on our available procedures.