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Boob Lift – More Than Just a Simple Size Increase

Many people are under the impression that cosmetic surgeries such a a boob lift are merely done to increase the size of the breasts or to make them more appealing for men. However, these surgical procedures have a host of advantages for women, more than just a simple size increase. Breast reduction surgery is designed for women with abnormally large breasts, while we also address issues for women with smaller breasts. Breast lifts are designed to address factors such as pregnancy and nursing, which can leave the breasts losing their shape, volume, and firmness.

Age also plays a vital role in the condition of our skins. The older we get, the more the skin loses its elasticity. Therefore, breasts can begin to sag during the aging process. A boob lift is an ideal solution to address such a problem. This procedure is also known as mastopexy and can result in firmer and more naturally shaped and contoured breasts. Although nobody can stop the process of aging and the effects of gravity on our bodies, this procedure is perfect for reshaping and firming up breasts that have lost their volume and firmness because of pregnancy, nursing, or age.

A breast lift procedure can also reduce the size of large areolas when addressing the shape and firmness of the breasts. The desired results are to reshape the breasts for a more natural look that complements the body. Small breasts can also be subject to implants in such a procedure, adding volume and firmness in the process. Every person is unique, which translates to our bodies as well. Therefore, each procedure’s outcome will depend on the unique aspects of the person’s body. Keeping your expectations realistic and based on your personal appearance is highly recommended.

Breast lifts are considered medical surgical procedures in the full sense of the term. Therefore, various elements will be present throughout such an endeavour. The procedure is done under general anaesthesia, which requires some preparations in advance from the patient. General anaesthesia means that you will be asleep during the procedure, with various dietary requirements before the procedure to prepare your body for the anaesthetics. We strongly recommend speaking to a medical professional before considering a breast lift for yourself. However, if you are interested in the various benefits of mastopexy, we can be of service.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your solution to a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures for both women and men. For more info on mastopexy, please peruse our website for details on the procedure and what to expect from it. Let us bring out your true beauty today.