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Ear Correction Surgery Gauteng

Ear correction surgery is an elective surgical procedure that focuses on reducing the size of large ears or reset prominent ears closer to the head. This procedure is called otoplasty in the medical world and can be beneficial to children and adults. As human beings, we take pride in our appearance. A simple defective body part can lead to shaming and ridiculing, especially at a young age. Luckily, medical technology allows us to adjust certain parts of our body. With otoplasty, the focus is on the ears, which can greatly improve self-confidence for an individual and avoid any further personal and social ridicule.

Ear correction surgery is 1 of only a handful of elective procedures that are recommended for children as well. Since the ears are fully formed at the young age of 4, this surgery can be performed at a young age to give a child confidence in themselves. As a result, they will avoid any teasing from peers and have a childhood without having to worry about what people think of their ears. Adults also suffer from large and prominent ears. This can influence the mindset and confidence levels of the individual, which will influence the way they go about their day.

At Centurion Cosmetic Clinic, we employ medical professionals to perform elective surgical procedures for people who wish to enhance their physical appearance. Otoplasty is far more than just an elective surgery, It can increase the overall look of the ears and make the bodyline flow more fluently around the head. Therefore, an adult will have the confidence in their appearance and face the world with 1 less worry on their shoulders. As with every procedure, ear correction surgery will involve risks and preparation.

The procedure is done under general anaesthesia. This means that dietary preparation is necessary before the day of the surgery. The procedure involves the surgeon making a small incision in the back of the ear. The incision is made to expose the cartilage of the ear, which is then adjusted accordingly to bring the ear closer to the side of the head. Ear correction surgery can leave a faint scar on the location of the incision, which will fade over time. Both ears will undergo surgery in most cases, maintaining a constant shape and balance between the ears.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic offers solutions for ear correction surgery that can improve the appearance and shape of the ears for both adults and children. For more info on otoplasty, or any other elective surgical procedure that we offer, please peruse our website.