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Cosmetic Breast Enlargement Surgery To Curve Your Body

Details on Cosmetic Breast Enlargement Surgery

Augmentation mammoplasty is an elective surgical procedure for women who would like to enhance the shape and size of their breasts. Commonly referred to as breast enlargement surgery, the procedure is designed to enhance the contours of a woman’s body. This can also boost the confidence of someone who feels that their breasts are too small or lack volume. Pregnant women can experience a loss in volume after the pregnancy. This procedure can rejuvenate the volume and shape of the breasts as well.

As with hands and ears, a woman’s breasts can differ in size. Breast enlargement surgery can assist in balancing the difference between the breasts. It can also function as a reconstructive technique on women who had breast surgery previously. The procedure involves inserting implants behind each breast, which increases the cup size of the breasts by 1 or more cups. As a result, cosmetic breast enlargement can enhance the appearance of your body to give you the self-confidence boost and be a proud woman. However, you need to keep your expectations realistic.

We are unique beings, in body, mind, and soul. Therefore, breast enlargement surgery’s results will be dependent on every individual woman. The ideal candidate would expect improvement from this elective surgery instead of perfection. Being physically healthy is also highly recommended. This will minimise the risk of the procedure to deliver optimal results. If you are in the correct mindset by being honest with yourself about the results, and in a healthy physical state, you are an ideal candidate for augmentation mammoplasty.

As far as the implants go, they will be placed either behind or on top of the breast muscle – depending on the patient’s physical needs. The implants are silicone shells that are filled with silicone gel to add volume and shape. Using silicone results in firmness and consistency in shape. Silicone is a semi-conductor that is used in a variety of applications in the medical world. It is an element that has a proven track record of being ideal for breast implants. With the safety and effective results of silicone in check, you can have the peace of mind that the implant shells will deliver the desired results. Although this procedure carries minimal risks, it still is a surgical procedure at the end of the day. Therefore, consult a medical professional before making a final decision on breast enlargement surgery.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic offers a variety of elective surgical procedures for women and men. For more info on breast enlargement surgery, feel free to peruse our website. Contact us today with any further enquiries and get your confidence back in your appearance.