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Breast Enlargement Surgery – The Dos And Don’ts of Post-Op Care

If you are planning on having breast enlargement surgery, understanding how to care for yourself post-op is extremely important. By taking care of yourself during the recovery process, you can ensure a quicker healing time and a more comfortable post-procedure phase. At Centurion Cosmetic Clinic, we have over 19 years of experience when it comes to surgical procedures and we know how vital it is to look after oneself after an operation. We have therefore compiled a list of some post-op Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind after breast enlargement surgery.

Movement and Sleep

After breast enlargement surgery, you may feel tired and sore for a while, but you should be back on your feet within a day or two. Lifting your arm up to shoulder level, as well as lifting very light objects is allowed within the first two weeks, but rigorous exercises like running, jumping, or lifting may cause complications with the wounds or implants. You will be able to return to non-active work (like an office job), but remember to take it easy. Sleeping on your back is recommended, as sleeping on your side or stomach can be painful and interfere with the healing process.

Pain Management

Remember that breast enlargement surgery will cause discomfort, but this can be managed by the medication that your doctor prescribes. Pain is always easier to prevent than to treat, so follow your doctor’s instructions concerning medication and how often to take it. After about a week to 10 days, your stitches will be removed, but swelling may remain for about three to five weeks. After your surgery, you are allowed to eat the same food that you normally eat, but drinking alcohol should be avoided while on pain medication.

Wound Care

Keeping the wound stress-free and clean is the key to preventing scarring and aiding in the healing process. Take care while bathing to keep your wounds dry and away from all moisture. Avoid other water activities, such as swimming, steaming in a sauna, or showering, until your doctor gives you the go-ahead. Never touch your incisions with your hands, as this can introduce bacteria to the wounds and cause an infection. Smoking is prohibited for at least two months, as oxygen needs to be readily available at a cellular level during the healing process. Look out for unusual symptoms such as a fever, redness, tenderness, pain, or inflammation, this may indicate an infection, so you will need to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Breast enlargement surgery requires research and the willingness to take the correct steps during the recovery phase. At Centurion Cosmetic Clinic, we believe that it is important to prepare all of our clients for what to expect and answer any and all questions they may have regarding breast enlargement surgery. We are available every step of the way to offer post-op support and care. If you are interested in breast enlargement surgery, contact us for more information.